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Living is a creative act

Creativity is the process of putting imagination to action. Our imaginations have been shaped by the beliefs we inherit and the world we live in, which impacts what we feel is possible and the choices we make. This is why context matters.

Creativity in Context offers writing and programming on the creative process of living. Learn how you can create more possibility.


Creativity in Context envisions a world where

everyone has creative agency:

an embodied belief in one’s ability to creatively respond to challenges

By advocating for an expansive understanding of living as a creative process, we recognize how systemic and social contexts limit our potential to shape the future. Through public scholarship and facilitated learning, we aim to activate individuals’ and organizations’ capacity to tap into their creative power and manifest change.

About Me

Evelyn’s personal mission is to activate the creative capacity of all voices.

As a writer, educator, and facilitator, she helps people unlearn misconceptions and limiting beliefs about their creative identities. Her work addresses the need to understand and validate the impact of systemic oppression in order to imagine new futures. Bringing a background in education, conflict resolution, storytelling, nonprofit management, community arts and somatics, Evelyn specializes in creating spaces for individual and organizational transformation. Her writing translates research and teaching on creative development and leadership to a wider public with a focus on real-life application. She is currently working on developing curriculum that teaches creative agency from an intersectional social justice lens. Contact Evelyn to learn how to strengthen creative capacity and cultivate generative and sustainable solutions to complex societal issues.

Learn more about Evelyn’s background here.

“Thank you to Evelyn for leading such a meaningful workshop for staff. I know that I will be referencing what I learned for years to come.”

kelly, consulting client

“I have always been very doubtful of myself, of my abilities….This mentality I had always held me back from reaching my full potential. Through Evelyn’s guidance, I lost my fear that my personality isn’t creative enough because I learned that creativity isn’t a trait, it’s more like a muscle….I now have a creative direction that I can work towards and try to improve everyday.”

Tasha, creativity student

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Living is a creative process