When is the Right Time to Be Creative?

Or how do we sustain our capacity for creativity? Paradoxically, by knowing when not to create. “There’s a big difference between being a coward and putting your emotional safety first.” From Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert This was a pivotal statement from love-interest Redford to the main character Chloe in Talia Hibbert’sContinue reading “When is the Right Time to Be Creative?”

A Creative Experiment on Finding Direction

How do you know which life path to choose? To find out, I’m taking a year to experiment with my future. And sharing the results. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you may recognize a common theme (especially of late) of wrestling with the possibility of creativity and the lived realityContinue reading “A Creative Experiment on Finding Direction”

What is a Right-Sized Dream?

If the brainstormed list of possible titles for this blog post are any indication of where I’m at — The Torture of an Idea, The Dark Side of Manifesting, Can You Be Too Creative?, The Curse of a Calling — then I am in the throes of the creative process of living. I just finishedContinue reading “What is a Right-Sized Dream?”

Balancing What if with What is

I am sitting in my favorite local park, a place I have often frequented during this pandemic, a sanctuary outside of home, where I can feel a part of the outside world. I’ve never been much of a homebody; I used to spend half my days at cafes and my nights at movie theaters orContinue reading “Balancing What if with What is”

What Counts as a Creative Practice?

“When I hear people say ‘I’m not creative’ I hear internalized oppression.” This was a clarifying statement from my last blog post; a kind of elevator pitch for why I do this work. But the reality of this statement requires much more explanation and nuance. As the title of my website suggests, our relationship toContinue reading “What Counts as a Creative Practice?”

Can I Take a Break?

It’s been a minute since my last newsletter, six weeks, in fact. Three weeks ago I was sitting in a cafe, attempting to write a draft, but couldn’t get past the first sentence. Because sometimes writer’s block comes in the form of a 100 degree fever. My body was rebelling against my intention to keep this practice.Continue reading “Can I Take a Break?”