Time to Root: The Future of Creativity in Context

TLDR: In a commitment to my well-being, I got a new job and am taking a pause from this blog. I rarely make universal statements, but I have come to believe that your creativity should always serve your well-being. This doesn’t mean creativity isn’t hard, uncomfortable, or scary, but that your quest for creativity shouldContinue reading “Time to Root: The Future of Creativity in Context”

When is the Right Time to Be Creative?

Or how do we sustain our capacity for creativity? Paradoxically, by knowing when not to create. “There’s a big difference between being a coward and putting your emotional safety first.” From Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert This was a pivotal statement from love-interest Redford to the main character Chloe in Talia Hibbert’sContinue reading “When is the Right Time to Be Creative?”

A Creative Experiment on Finding Direction

How do you know which life path to choose? To find out, I’m taking a year to experiment with my future. And sharing the results. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you may recognize a common theme (especially of late) of wrestling with the possibility of creativity and the lived realityContinue reading “A Creative Experiment on Finding Direction”

What is a Right-Sized Dream?

If the brainstormed list of possible titles for this blog post are any indication of where I’m at — The Torture of an Idea, The Dark Side of Manifesting, Can You Be Too Creative?, The Curse of a Calling — then I am in the throes of the creative process of living. I just finishedContinue reading “What is a Right-Sized Dream?”

Problematizing Potential

Here I am, first day of fully vaccinated status, as promised, not at home, but sitting at a brewery patio on a late Friday afternoon with the intention to write. It is always such a build up to the moment I put pencil to paper (pencil because I can’t commit to a pen). The breweryContinue reading “Problematizing Potential”

Balancing What if with What is

I am sitting in my favorite local park, a place I have often frequented during this pandemic, a sanctuary outside of home, where I can feel a part of the outside world. I’ve never been much of a homebody; I used to spend half my days at cafes and my nights at movie theaters orContinue reading “Balancing What if with What is”

What Counts as a Creative Practice?

“When I hear people say ‘I’m not creative’ I hear internalized oppression.” This was a clarifying statement from my last blog post; a kind of elevator pitch for why I do this work. But the reality of this statement requires much more explanation and nuance. As the title of my website suggests, our relationship toContinue reading “What Counts as a Creative Practice?”

Why Does Your Creativity Matter?

It seems appropriate to start the first newsletter of the new Creativity in Context website or really any endeavor with the question: Why? Why this? Why me? Why do I care? Why does it matter? The answers to these questions are the foundation, the essential ground that ambitions are built on; they’re questions to organizeContinue reading “Why Does Your Creativity Matter?”

Where Do We Go From Here?

“If we keep on voting, responding, creating, then progress is inevitable.” This was the rallying call of the previous newsletter and it was answered. We showed up, we voted and rejected a Trumpian vision of America (2).  This is truly a monumental victory for our future; so much more is possible when you have a president who caresContinue reading “Where Do We Go From Here?”

How We Move Forward

We are on the precipice of a momentous decision. The fate of our future lies in the hands of voters. We have already suffered 4 years of Trump rolling back hard-won progress; I shudder to think what could come of another 4 years. We grieve what has been lost, what could be lost. And even if TrumpContinue reading “How We Move Forward”