What Counts as a Creative Practice?

“When I hear people say ‘I’m not creative’ I hear internalized oppression.” This was a clarifying statement from my last blog post; a kind of elevator pitch for why I do this work. But the reality of this statement requires much more explanation and nuance. As the title of my website suggests, our relationship toContinue reading “What Counts as a Creative Practice?”

Why Does Your Creativity Matter?

It seems appropriate to start the first newsletter of the new Creativity in Context website or really any endeavor with the question: Why? Why this? Why me? Why do I care? Why does it matter? The answers to these questions are the foundation, the essential ground that ambitions are built on; they’re questions to organizeContinue reading “Why Does Your Creativity Matter?”

The Creative Process of Healing

As this crisis continues to unfold, we’ve all had to sit with the fear that arises in the face of uncertainty. We each have our completely valid ways of coping, but to sustain living, we need to engage more deeply with the creative process of healing; to find ways to not just survive, but thrive. While this journeyContinue reading “The Creative Process of Healing”

Unlearning Life’s Constraints

It feels as though all my newsletters have been leading up to this one. We began with expanding our understanding of creativity as responding to life’s constraints and continued to explore this concept through cultivating imagination, vision, and hope.In my last newsletter, I asked the question: How do we create more possibilities for ourselves? And mirrored the response: How many more ways canContinue reading “Unlearning Life’s Constraints”