Editing Reality

Reality is hard. There is no way around it. Especially now. Some people want to trick reality; skip the hard part and pretend it’s all okay, until reality rears its head and reminds us again just how hard it is (1). This pandemic has brought home the fact that there is no way but through, exceptContinue reading “Editing Reality”

Unlearning Life’s Constraints

It feels as though all my newsletters have been leading up to this one. We began with expanding our understanding of creativity as responding to life’s constraints and continued to explore this concept through cultivating imagination, vision, and hope.In my last newsletter, I asked the question: How do we create more possibilities for ourselves? And mirrored the response: How many more ways canContinue reading “Unlearning Life’s Constraints”

Holding on to Hope

In my last newsletter, I gave creative advice on imagining your vision, but what about holding on to it? The gestation phase of the creative process is often extremely uncomfortable as you move into the uncertain space between the known and the possible. Depending on the scope of your vision, this period can stretch for long spans ofContinue reading “Holding on to Hope”

When is Creativity?

To begin a newsletter reimagining the context of creativity, it feels pertinent to answer the question: What is creativity? Each of you come with your own understanding, assumptions and associations. How might we find a definition expansive enough to hold us all? Those who study creativity use the following definition: Creativity is a new combination of thoughtContinue reading “When is Creativity?”