Where Do We Go From Here?

“If we keep on voting, responding, creating, then progress is inevitable.” This was the rallying call of the previous newsletter and it was answered. We showed up, we voted and rejected a Trumpian vision of America (2).  This is truly a monumental victory for our future; so much more is possible when you have a president who caresContinue reading “Where Do We Go From Here?”

How We Move Forward

We are on the precipice of a momentous decision. The fate of our future lies in the hands of voters. We have already suffered 4 years of Trump rolling back hard-won progress; I shudder to think what could come of another 4 years. We grieve what has been lost, what could be lost. And even if TrumpContinue reading “How We Move Forward”

Imagination is Grief Work

The last three newsletters have been germinating on what it takes to expose, understand and break down the systemic box, ending with the sentence: “There is no creativity without action.” This is an allusion to our working definition of creativity as imagination in action. So while creativity is an act, this also means that our creative actions are dependent on our imagination, i.e. we createContinue reading “Imagination is Grief Work”