Why Does Your Creativity Matter?

It seems appropriate to start the first newsletter of the new Creativity in Context website or really any endeavor with the question: Why? Why this? Why me? Why do I care? Why does it matter? The answers to these questions are the foundation, the essential ground that ambitions are built on; they’re questions to organizeContinue reading “Why Does Your Creativity Matter?”

Where Do We Go From Here?

“If we keep on voting, responding, creating, then progress is inevitable.” This was the rallying call of the previous newsletter and it was answered. We showed up, we voted and rejected a Trumpian vision of America (2).  This is truly a monumental victory for our future; so much more is possible when you have a president who caresContinue reading “Where Do We Go From Here?”

How We Move Forward

We are on the precipice of a momentous decision. The fate of our future lies in the hands of voters. We have already suffered 4 years of Trump rolling back hard-won progress; I shudder to think what could come of another 4 years. We grieve what has been lost, what could be lost. And even if TrumpContinue reading “How We Move Forward”

The Systemic Box Won’t Dismantle Itself

Once you start to see all the ways the systemic box has been made to trap you, the impulse to break free of the box naturally arises. The question is: How? What does it really mean to think outside the box when the way we think has been shaped by that box? What does it take to tear down aContinue reading “The Systemic Box Won’t Dismantle Itself”

Black Ideas Matter

This newsletter is designed as an emergent process, addressing a facet of creativity one issue at a time, allowing for ideas to build off of each other and respond to the moment. Though this also means each newsletter is an incomplete picture of creativity; take for instance this statement from my last issue: “The only way to findContinue reading “Black Ideas Matter”

You Can’t Change the World Alone

My last newsletter ended with a call to see the potential in what’s breaking apart, and boy did the world answer. It is truly amazing to take in how much has changed in just three weeks. The entire nation is engaged in a real conversation on police brutality and racism: more people than ever before are advocating for Black LivesContinue reading “You Can’t Change the World Alone”

My Last Newsletter Was Problematic

I need to tell you: there is a problem with my last newsletter. I told you that a creative life is how you respond to the given constraints, but I didn’t talk about changing the constraints. Because what if life’s constraints are designed to keep you from creatively responding? I remember the moment I realized this: It wasContinue reading “My Last Newsletter Was Problematic”