Imagination is Grief Work

The last three newsletters have been germinating on what it takes to expose, understand and break down the systemic box, ending with the sentence: “There is no creativity without action.” This is an allusion to our working definition of creativity as imagination in action. So while creativity is an act, this also means that our creative actions are dependent on our imagination, i.e. we createContinue reading “Imagination is Grief Work”

My Last Newsletter Was Problematic

I need to tell you: there is a problem with my last newsletter. I told you that a creative life is how you respond to the given constraints, but I didn’t talk about changing the constraints. Because what if life’s constraints are designed to keep you from creatively responding? I remember the moment I realized this: It wasContinue reading “My Last Newsletter Was Problematic”

Your Imagination Matters More Than You Know

If creativity is imagination in action, then there is no creativity without imagination. To determine which ideas have value, you first must proliferate diverse ideas. This is why most tests of creativity measure divergent thinking: the generation of many possible solutions as opposed to convergent thinking: the determination of the best possible solution. For example, the classic question “HowContinue reading “Your Imagination Matters More Than You Know”